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Product: sm419mcx
Antique silver hip flask with heraldic coronet.
Well made glass hip flask with silver locking screw top and solid silver bottom half base to form drinking cup with reptile skin cover on top half. 13cm high by 7.5cm across. Drinking cup measures 7.5 x 4.5 x 2.7cm across. A good pocket size. The flask has been well used and shows a little wear. Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1925 with the makers mark J.D&S and bearing the heraldic coronet of a British Earl. In the peerage of the UK the design of a coronet shows the rank of its owner. Since the 16th century the coronet of an Earl bears 8 strawberry leaves, 4 visible and 8 silver balls or pearls, 5 visible, set on lofty spikes higher than the leaves. There are a couple of teeny dents in the silver which could be tapped out. Monogram R.R.O.

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