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Troy Ounce

One Troy ounce of gold weighs 31.1035 grams.
One ounce of gold is accepted to mean 31.1 grams of pure 24 carat gold although in reality it is likely to be 0.9999% pure, often called four nines.
Imperial ounces, equivalent to 28 grams, are not used.

Gold Content

A carat is both a unit of weight and also an indication of fineness, that is, a value for the percentage of pure gold content. 24 carat gold represents 100% gold with no alloy content.
A one ounce, 1 (Troy) ounce, 9ct gold bracelet weighs 31.1gms.
Actual gold content is (9/24)*31.1=11.66gms of pure (24ct) gold. This also means that (31.10-11.66) 19.44 gms in every troy ounce are other alloys. These alloys, like silver and copper, give rise to the qualities of the metal such as colour and hardness.

Metal: Parts Per Thousand Gold Content/Troy oz
9ct gold 375 11.66 gms
14ct gold 585 18.14 gms
18ct gold 750 23.33 gms
22ct gold 916 28.51 gms
99% pure gold 990 30.79 gms
99.9% pure gold 999 31.07 gms
24ct 100% pure gold 1000 31.104 gms

The final price you pay will be based upon the gold price at the point at which you order , and the EXACT weight of the items you have selected. The weights quoted are estimates and individual items vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerences. See also Price and Price Per Gram.


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