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Price Per Gram (ppg)
This is a calculation that allows jewellery dealers to compare how much we are paying for an item. If we wished to purchase a curb chain for instance that costs £100 and weighs 25 grams the cost per gram is:

100 divided by 25 = 4 pounds per gram.

We are paying £4 for every gram of gold. If another chain costs £200 and weighs 40 gms, the cost per gram is

200 divided by 40 = 5 pounds per gram.

We are paying £5 for every gram of gold.
The second chain is more expensive on a per gram price, and to be an equal bargain should cost £160 ( 40gms x 4 pounds per gram). We calculate this for you so you can compare our prices. If a shop will not tell you how much a chain weighs, or is unable to calculate this for you, there is usually a reason!. To calculate the price per gram then:

1: Find 2 similar products
2: Take the cost price
3: Divide this by the weight

The one with the lowest number is the better deal for identical products. ie 4 ppg is better value than 5 ppg.  


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