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ART DECO was a minimal clean cut modern look 1919 to 1930 consisting of geometric shapes and well defined lines.
Craftsmen used images of speed such as the automobile, aeroplane, gazelle and the greyhound.
There was a strong Egyptian influence after the discovery of Tutenkhamuns tomb in 1922, with the use of the scarab beetle, turquoise, coral and coloured crystal.

In the 1930s due to economic hardship, a more conservative attitude was back in favour.
The 30's characteristics were a streamlined soft look, curved feminine fashions of flowers sprays and bouquet jewellery.


Long earrings came back into fashion with the arrival of the Eton crop, a boyish hairstyle
Necklaces were extended by the addition of a tassel or pendant.

Baguette cut diamonds became fashionable and black and white jewellery featuring onyx and diamonds were in demand.

The double clip was also used a lot in the form of a brooch which could be taken apart and used as two identical dress clips.
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