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Gold Mining

Practically all the gold in the world is mined.
Open Cast Gold Mine To produce one troy ounce (31.1035gms) of gold from a rich mine, about three tonnes of ore are blasted from the reefs, conveyed to the shaft, hoisted to the surface, crushed to the consistency of powder and then passed through the processes of agitation. It then passes through filtration, and treatment with potassium cyanide ( KCN a white poisonous granular soluble solid substance, much used in the jewellery trade) to separate the metal.
Gold Rich Ore
The production of this small amount of gold requires more than 5000 litres (5 tonnes in weight) of water, 750 KWh (approx £50 in the UK at 6.5p per unit but industrially the figure is significantly less) of electricity, explosives, chemicals, compressed air and 39 man hours.

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