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9ct Hallmarked Yellow Gold Bracelets (SOLID)

Ladies -07 Bracelet Lenghts Range from 7"-7.5" (18cm/19cm) depending on type.
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Top 5 Ladies Bracelets
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cn726-07 New White Gold Fancy Albert Bracelet with Heart Charm and T-bar 17.0gms @13.67pg 232.47
White Gold Fancy Albert chain with Heart Charm and T-bar. This is a modern and stylish interpretation of classic motifs, combining the Albert and Lariat themes. A T-bar goes through the loop on the chain, from which a solid heart charm is supended. Can be worn as a suite with the matching chain/bracelet. Bracelet 7.5 inches/19cm, chain 17 inches/43cm. Purchase seperately cn726-07 and cn726-17. Nine carat white gold. Made in the UK.    
br344-07 9ct curb charm bracelet 15.7gms @13.47pg 211.48
This classic charm bracelet is produced in the traditional style, with hand-soldered links, and no diamond-cutting. It is fitted with a padlock and safety chain. Nine carat gold. Made in Britain.    
br959-07 9ct celtic bracelet 10.9gms @14.12pg 153.90
The meaning of a Celtic symbol can vary greatly. It can change depending on the tribe, the time period, and the favourite gods. The use of several unbroken lines in this bracelet represents continuity of the universe, and the interlacing of these lines several times is said to increase protection against evil. The bracelet is fitted with a trigger clasp. Nine carat gold.    
cn231-07 9ct byzantine link 16.3gms @12.99pg 211.78
Square byzantine chain. An elegant chain, also known as the King chain. Width approx 4.5mm. 9 carat gold.    
cn345-07 9ct Albert T bar 13.5gms @14.06pg 189.78
Albert chain. Made of fancy solid links and fitted with a T-bar and a single swivel clasp, this Albert chain stands out from the more traditional styles of links commonly used. 9 carat gold.    
cn743-07 New White Gold Bombe Curb Bracelet 6.3gms @13.77pg 86.73
White Gold Bombe Curb Bracelet . This innovative chain has been diamond-cut to contoured elegance. Its subtle curves make it an attractive alternative to the tight-linked heavy curb. Fitted with a trigger clasp. 7.25 inches/18cm. Nine carat white gold. Made in Italy.    
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