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Antique ring set with a square cut 7 x 5mm foil backed emerald in a yellow gold setting stamped 18ct. Size J12. Weight 2.6gms.r81ccEdwardian 18ct gold emerald ring....   moreHSP £649£295.00 ADD
15ct ring Birmingham 1878 set with 8 pearls and 2 organics size S r156is15ct organic and pearl ring...   moreHSP £330£150.00 ADD
18ct carved organic ring on heavy yellow shank.size Q.r282bbOrganic ring...   moreHSP £418£190.00 ADD
5 stone organic ring in 9ct yellow gold in an early setting C1850. Tiny size J with gold patch on back.r54scEarly Antique organic ring....   moreHSP £374£170.00 ADD
Antique ring stamped 15 and valued as 15ct gold set with 5 oval red organics all in a yellow setting size R r832sbAntique 5 stone red organic ring....   moreHSP £341£155.00 ADD
Early Victorian ring set with 5 round organics in a gold shank size O12 . The stones are gold backed and the carved shoulders join a shaped shank. organics are 6.2mm round.r927icAntique 5 stone organic and gold ring....   moreHSP £484£220.00 ADD
5 stone early Victorian ring set in 9ct rose gold. Size N12. The end stone has been replaced with a slightly paler one. The ring is priced accordingly. 6mm wide.r933sxEarly Antique organic ring....   moreHSP £275£125.00 ADD
Antique carved red cameo ring in yellow shank valued as 9ct.  A Victorian ring with split shank and decorative surround. Slight denting behind cameo head. Size J. Cameo measures 8mm x 7.5mm.r768su9ct antique red cameo ring....   moreHSP £194£88.00 ADD
Set with 12 diamonds in a 3D 9ct yellow gold setting this unusual cocktail ring is a size N. Diamond weight 0.20ctr182dpChunky diamond cocktail ring....   moreHSP £385£175.00 ADD
Plain signet ring in 9ct yellow gold 4.5gms. Size P. Top measures 1.5 x 1.2cm.r74dp9ct signet ring....   moreHSP £187£85.00 ADD
Valued as 18ct white gold this triple ring is made up of 3 half bands of diamonds of total weight 0.76ct and a half band of sapphires total weight 0.35ct all in a white setting. The ring is double hinged and can be worn as a single diamond band, a triple diamond band or a double band of diamonds with a band of sapphires in between. It can also be worn as a single band of sapphires. Size L1/2.r763ucx18ct triple band sapphire and diamond hinged interchangeable...   moreHSP £1,265£575.00 ADD
Edwardian square cut emerald and diamond 18ct yellow gold ring with white 18ct gold setting on the 12 brilliant cut diamonds and the stunning bright green square cut emerald. Size O. The stone setting measures 1cm and the ring is in pristine condition. r38ixxArt Deco emerald and diamond ring. ...   moreHSP £1,771£805.00 ADD
American retro ring in 2 colour gold, deep rose and white, set with a matching pair of purple amethysts and 5 brilliant cut diamonds. This Deco ring is stamped 585 and the shank is a deep rose gold with 2 white flashes down the shoulders and a central white diamond setting. size P.r761sxx14ct art deco amethyst and diamond cocktail ring....   moreHSP £1,331£605.00 ADD
Valued as platinum and set with a large central old cut brilliant diamond surrounded by 22 smaller diamonds, total wt approximately 1ct. A very stylish ring c1920 size N.
All in excellent condition.
A large and noticeable genuine antique ring. r675rcxArt Deco diamond ring...   moreHSP £4,290£1,950.00 ADD
 Stunning 1940s 18ct yellow gold cocktail ring with a square cut 9.6ct intense London blue topaz 14mm x 10mm. Ring size P. Weight 5.3gms. The Topaz is in a classic 4 claw setting with a diamond either side. The shank is stamped 18ct and Pt. The diamonds are in a platinum setting.r190mliBlue London topaz and diamond cocktail ring....   moreHSP £1,078£490.00 ADD
9ct yellow gold ring set with 5 brilliant cut diamonds of total weight .30ct all inset in the heavy gold to make a smooth finish. This ring is 4mm wide and can be worn as a diamond set wedding ring or an eternity ring. Weight 3.8gms. Size J12.r152msxDiamond eternity ring....   moreHSP £594£270.00 ADD
1950s 18ct yellow gold ring set with 5 good coloured opals. There are 8 diamond chips between the opals. Size Q. Central opal is 5.5mm. This large ring is in excellent condition and is hallmarked in Chester in 1959.  6.1gms.r171mlxAntique 5 stone opal and diamond chester ring....   moreHSP £869£395.00 ADD
Antique 18ct yellow gold ring set with 8 very good rubies in a chequered pattern. Hallmarked in Birmingham. Size Q12. 6.4mm wide. 4.5gms.r172mixEdwardian ruby chequered ring....   moreHSP £616£280.00 ADD
Antique cluster ring with a central good coloured full opal surrounded by 12 old brilliant cut diamonds. The ring has fancy scrolled shoulders and is all in a yellow 18ct gold setting with a white diamond setting approx 14.6mm x 12.6mm. Size N It is in excellent condition and c1890.r876cxxVictorian opal and diamond cluster ring....   moreHSP £2,189£995.00 ADD
A beautiful bright green 6 x 7mm oval faceted 1.15ct peridot surrounded by 14 white brilliant diamonds and 2 more diamonds in each shoulder in a white basket setting on a white gold 18ct shank. Total diamond weight 0.50ct. 12 x 13mm setting. Size Nr155uxx18ct white gold peridot and diamond cluster ring....   moreHSP £1,089£495.00 ADD
Set in 18ct white gold with an 18ct gold shank, this striking French cocktail ring is set with a central 5mm white pearl surrounded by 2 raised scrolls of diamond set white gold. C 1930. Size P.r96mcxFrench pearl and diamond Vintage ring....   moreHSP £803£365.00 ADD
Solid 9ct yellow and white gold leopards head ring set with 3 faceted diamonds and also a diamond set leopards eye. Size O. Weight 7.6gms. 12mm wide at the front and 5mm at the back. r59mmuDiamond leopard ring....   moreHSP £649£295.00 ADD
Edwardian 5 stone ring of 3 blue sapphires and 2 old cut brilliant diamonds in 18ct yellow gold. Size M. 5mm wide setting.r580mix18ct antique sapphire and diamond ring....   moreHSP £1,089£495.00 ADD
14ct white gold ring with bark finish on the shank and a starburst of 10 brilliant cut diamonds surrounding a large white central 8mm pearl. This 60s cocktail ring is a size P and weighs 5.7gms. The top setting measures 13mm.r56ucxWhite gold cocktail ring....   moreHSP £1,265£575.00 ADD
22ct gold antique cluster ring set with 3 good quality faceted oval rubies surrounded by 8 brilliant diamonds. Size P. 9.5mm wide top. Made in 1917.r60uxxAntique ruby and diamond ring....   moreHSP £990£450.00 ADD
Vintage 18ct yellow gold cross over ring set with a stunning harlequin opal 1.4cm x 0.6cm  and a brilliant cut diamond on each side. Size P. Top measures 1.4cm x 1.1cm.r143msxVintage opal and diamond 18ct ring....   moreHSP £616£280.00 ADD
Set in 18ct white gold with a full 0.50ct of white baguette cut diamonds in a channel setting. Ring size J. Sixteen beautiful white diamonds. Half eternity ring weighs 5.7gms.r46uaxDiamond half eternity ring....   moreHSP £1,210£550.00 ADD
Edwardian 5 stone ring with 3 dark blue sapphires and 2 diamonds all in an 18ct yellow gold setting.  Size J.r37mrxAntique sapphire and diamond ring....   moreHSP £869£395.00 ADD
Solid 18ct ring hand made in the 40s comprising a thick yellow 18ct gold band set with 4 old brilliant cut diamonds and 3 offset pear shaped red rubies. Weight approx 6.7gms. Size K12. Width 5.3mm all round. This hand made ring feels very heavy and comfortable to wear. It is very well made.r827sxxHeavy 18ct yellow gold ruby and diamond ring....   moreHSP £1,320£600.00 ADD
Edwardian diamond boat ring set with 16 old cut diamonds in a rose gold setting. Size Rr845uxxAntiqe diamond set boat ring....   moreHSP £1,001£455.00 ADD
Hinged triple band ruby and diamond ring in a white setting valued as 18ct. Size M. Comprising one band of rubies and two bands of diamonds on a swivel hinge to make them interchangeable. The ring can be worn as a triple band of diamonds or a double band of diamonds and a single band of rubies in the centre. size L12 . 8mm wide. Diamond weight 0.59ct and ruby weight 0.35ct.r764ucxWhite gold diamond and ruby triple cocktail ring....   moreHSP £1,265£575.00 ADD
c1900 a double headed snake ring valued as 18ct gold and set with 4 rose diamonds and 2 brilliant diamonds. Weight 6.6gms. Size U. r573mlxAntique diamond snake ring...   moreHSP £1,056£480.00 ADD
1950s aquamarine and baguette diamond cocktail ring in a true Art Deco style with a beautiful clear blue central oval aquamarine surrounded by a circle of 10 perfect white baguette diamonds and a further 6 baguette diamonds in 2 deco wings. One on either side. Aquamarine measures 10 x 8.2mm. Inner circle of baguette diamonds measures 18.2mm and across the wings of the ring measures 23mm. The wide 18ct white gold shank narrows to 4mm at the back and the ring weighs 12.1gms. Size U.r877llcArt Deco cocktail ring....   moreHSP £6,600£3,000.00 ADD
18ct yellow gold antique ring set with 5 half pearls with an embossed shank. Size R. C1820r107sxGeorgian 5 pearl ring....   moreHSP £495£225.00 ADD
Victorian rose gold mourning ring with plaited hair insert under a slightly rubbed and chipped bevelled glass with fancy shoulders which have a little wear on one side. Bearing the 9ct Chester hallmark and makers mark EV. Size P. Top measures 11.8 x 9mm. Weight 4.1gms.r954uuAntique 9ct mourning ring....   moreHSP £194£88.00 ADD
Hallmarked in 1916 in Chester and set with 3 rubies and 2 rose diamonds in 18ct yellow gold this pretty ring is 7mm wide at the front and is a size L.r905ixAntique Chester gypsy ring....   moreHSP £231£105.00 ADD
Antique ring set in 9ct rose gold with a central oval black onyx. Hallmarked in chester in 1897. Makers mark SU. Size Sr837uxAntique onyx 9ct ring. Chester1897....   moreHSP £264£120.00 ADD
18ct gold 5 stone rose cut diamond antique ring in yellow setting hallmarked in Chester. Edwardian.Size Kr353cx18ct antique 5 stone diamond ring....   moreHSP £264£120.00 ADD
Edwardian 5 stone old cut diamond ring hallmarked in Chester in 1906 all in 18ct yellow gold setting size M12.r366ccAntique 18ct 5 stone diamond ring....   moreHSP £341£155.00 ADD
8 stone Diamond flower ring in 18ct yellow mount and 18ct setting.Dated Chester 1910 size Rr517ac18ct diamond cluster ring...   moreHSP £550£250.00 ADD
Results:298 Items Page 1     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8