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Exceptional high relief carving on this quality antique ivory unmounted carving. Could be mounted as a brooch or pendant or a wall hanging. measuring 5.5 long x 3.8cm wide and 2cm deep and depicting a very fine carving of a ladies head with flowing locks and decorative grapes and vine leaves. We enclose the original frame surround which is damaged and mounted on green velvet as shown in the photograph. We do not condone the use of modern organics but this is an antique piece c1880. Frame measures 9cm x 6.5cm. ccxb50cxxEarly carved cameo head....   moreHSP £1,210£550.00 ADD
Antique 9ct gold bar brooch with fancy wirework and safety chain. Hallmarked in Chester. 4.5 x 1.5cmb138dpVictorian gold stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £165£75.00 ADD
Silver Edwardian brooch with gold overlay of ribbons and flowers 4.5cm x 1.6cm. Hallmarked in Chester in 1901.sb103cAntique Chester silver stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £84£38.00 ADD
English silver antique brooch hallmarked in Chester. Decorated with 2 raised silver hearts in a decorative setting on a bar with silver flowers and a swallow. An Edwardian romantic lovers brooch. 4cm long.sb117xAntique Chester silver heart and letter stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £99£45.00 ADD
  Hallmarked silver Victorian brooch 1897. Cross Keys and a heart with ivy leaves and a shield all with gold overlay. 4.5 x 1.6cm.sb104cVictorian silver cross keys stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £84£38.00 ADD
1903 hallmarked silver heart brooch with 2 flowers and a clover leaf. 4.8 x 1.6cm.sb95xAntique silver heart stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £62£28.00 ADD
1910 hallmarked silver horseshoe brooch with 2 flowers and a leaf. 4.5 x 1.6cm.sb168xAntique silver horseshoe stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £62£28.00 ADD
Victorian silver brooch of horseshoe and Anchor entwined with wild roses. 3 x 3.5cmsb140mcAntique silver horse shoe stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £99£45.00 ADD
1906 hallmarked silver flower and circle brooch with 2 colour gold overlay and makers mark S.BROS. 5cm x 2.2cm.sb138maAntique silver stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £77£35.00 ADD
 Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1889 and measuring 2.8cm x 3cm. This antique silver horseshoe brooch is dented on the back and the front as shown in the photo but it is still a very wearable brooch or stock pin and is priced according to its condition.sb47mcAntique silver horse shoe stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £77£35.00 ADD
1920s stick pins with a 6.3mm and a 6.6mm round red organics. This matching pair of pins are set on base metal.b297bA matching pair of antique stick pins....   moreHSP £66£30.00 ADD
 stick pin valued as 9ct. Edwardian base metal pin with pear shaped organic top.12 x 7.3mmb846xAntique stickpin...   moreHSP £44£20.00 ADD
High relief carving on this antique organic cameo brooch depicting a lady with vine leaves entwined in her hair and a carved necklace. Valued as 15ct gold the swivel mount can take a photograph in the back frame and is decorated with 4 sets of engraved leaves and stems.6 x 5cmb44rxVictorian swivel cameo brooch...   moreHSP £616£280.00 ADD
Victorian oval target brooch with a central raised oval panel of turquoise enamel set with a single organic stone. it features a locket back and is valued as 15ct. 3cm x 3.5cm. jb771umxAntique 15ct organic and enamel brooch...   moreHSP £990£450.00 ADD
Victorian turquoise double knot brooch with removeable drop, which can be worn as a pendant, in unmarked 15ct hand engraved setting. This brooch is in mint condition and a perfect example of an antique brooch. The brooch measures 4.5 x 3.2cm. The pendant measures 3.6cm x 2.3cm. There is a little hook at the back of the brooch to secure the pendant drop. A beautiful piece.b736pa15ct turquoise knot brooch...   moreHSP £1,529£695.00 ADD
9ct bow brooch suitable for hanging a watch or a locket pendant. Solid 9ct.b546ux9ct watch bow brooch...   moreHSP £110£50.00 ADD
Antique pearl and diamond set starburst brooch in a 15ct yellow gold setting measuring 4.4cm. Can also be worn as a pendant. Fabulous piece in mint condition. b5isxAntique starburst brooch....   moreHSP £1,529£695.00 ADD
Large shell cameo brooch depicting a mans head in a quality high relief carving. Mounted in a pinchbeck top hat setting with Greek key pattern decoration. This brooch can also be worn as a pendant and has a loop to fit a safety chain. 5.6 x 4.8cm. C1900b53ucAntique cameo brooch in a pinchbeck setting....   moreHSP £495£225.00 ADD
Unusual Edwardian crescent brooch in 14ct yellow gold set with 15 random size little white pearls from 2mm to 2.6mm. 4.5cm long.b18cbAntique pearl crescent brooch....   moreHSP £275£125.00 ADD
Early Victorian garnet brooch with ornate 15ct yellow gold engraved double bow and detachable foil backed cabouchon pear shaped red garnet. 5.5cm x 5.5cm. Garnet drop measures 2.2cm x 1.6cm. C1850. All in mint condition except glass missing from back of garnet locket drop. No dents or repairs.b22ubxLarge Victorian bow brooch....   moreHSP £1,034£470.00 ADD
Antique star and crescent moon pearl set 15ct yellow gold brooch stock pin on a 15ct 4cm crescent with safety catch. C1880b1icVictorian pearl crescent brooch stock pin....   moreHSP £242£110.00 ADD
Edwardian carved cameo brooch in 9ct frame. C1900 b12ic9ct cameo brooch...   moreHSP £264£120.00 ADD
Antique 9ct Edwardian cameo brooch with top hat frame.b16as9ct cameo brooch...   moreHSP £264£120.00 ADD
Victorian primitive porcelain in an enamelled black and white setting in base metal around a hand painted porcelain centre. 4 x 3.2cm.This brooch has been repaired on the setting and some of the enamel is chipped. We have priced it accordingly. A collectors item.b13mmAntique painted porcelain brooch....   moreHSP £77£35.00 ADD
Antique 15ct gold brooch which can be used as a tie pin or a brooch or stock pin.3cm x 2mm.b175b15ct tie pin or brooch....   moreHSP £84£38.00 ADD
Antique 15ct yellow gold brooch set with 3 white half pearls and leaf decoration. Stamped 15ct. 40mm x 5mm. c1900b19bcEdwardian pearl bar brooch....   moreHSP £275£125.00 ADD
Antique white gold bar with yellow gold back stamped 18ct and set with a 7.9mm circle with a mother of pearl inset and a full 4.3mm white pearl. This stock pin brooch is 4.3cm long and can be worn as a tie pin.b16mbEdwardian pearl stock pin brooch....   moreHSP £114£52.00 ADD
Leaf stick pin valued as 9ct. Edwardian.b113x9ct antique leaf stickpin...   moreHSP £77£35.00 ADD
15ct Victorian brooch set with pearls and diamonds. 1.2 inches longb128mcx15ct pearl and diamond brooch...   moreHSP £495£225.00 ADD
The most enormous square hand carved brooch. 7.5cm x 7cm. Intricately carved, in fine detail, a Japanese scene with 14 figures of Japanese people going about their daily chores. micb74axAntique carved brooch....   moreHSP £330£150.00 ADD
Hallmarked in Chester in 1899 this pretty victorian brooch is decorated with 2 seed pearls and a central red garnet. It has decorative gold balls and twists and is fitted with a safety chain. 5 x 1.5cm. A typical Victorian brooch.b533sxVictorian 9ct pearl and garnet bar brooch....   moreHSP £194£88.00 ADD
Hallmarked in Chester in 1907 this Edwardian brooch measures 4.3 x 1.2cm and has a central gold flower set with a single diamond. All in 15ct yellow gold with a safety chain. A lovely brooch in excellent condition.b42cxAntique Art Deco Chester flower brooch....   moreHSP £385£175.00 ADD
2 little gold birds sitting on a decorative bar with a small gold heart and 2 chains suspended from it. Stamped 9ct. 4.6cm long. 2.2cm from wing tip to base of heart. Genuine Victorian romantic brooch.b923mcVictorian 9ct bird and heart brooch....   moreHSP £187£85.00 ADD
Art Nouveau tiny bar brooch/stock pin suitable for a doll a baby or would look good on a lapel. Not marked but valued as 9ct with very intricate art nouveau flower decoration along its length. Comes with safety chain. C1880. Measures 28mm x 7.3mm.b910ucAntique art nouveau doll brooch....   moreHSP £106£48.00 ADD
9ct yellow gold solid knot stock pin brooch with ring for safety chain. Hallmarked in Birmingham. 5.1gms. 4 x 1cm. A genuine antique piece.b27ixEdwardian solid gold knot brooch stock pin....   moreHSP £187£85.00 ADD
Makers mark C&F LD and stamped 9ct this simple Edwardian cameo is mounted in a solid 9ct rose gold rub over frame and has a safety chain. It measures 4 x 3.2cm and depicts an Edwardian lady, in profile, with braided locks. C1900bc10Antique 9ct gold shell cameo....   moreHSP £275£125.00 ADD
Antique genuine blue Wedgwood cameo brooch in a 9ct gold setting stamped 9ct C&F LD. With attached safety chain. This early brooch c1900 is marked WEGWOOD only and measures 3.7 x 2.5cm and depicts a lady in flowing robes with raised finger. She is supporting a large naval anchor.b902ulAntique 9ct Wedgwood cameo brooch....   moreHSP £330£150.00 ADD
18ct bow brooch with safety chain. Very smart solid gold brooch. Edwardian well made brooch. b634ib18ct bow brooch...   moreHSP £308£140.00 ADD
Antique yellow gold 15ct swirly flower brooch set with a central turquoise and 8 white pearls. 2.5cm. This lovely brooch can be threaded with a chain to wear as a pendant. Genuine antique.b63sbAntique turquoise and pearl brooch....   moreHSP £429£195.00 ADD
Antique yellow gold crescent moon pearl set in 18ct with 2 rows of real half pearls all in an 18ct yellow gold brooch setting with safety catch. This stunning Victorian brooch is stamped 18 and makers mark S.S. It can be worn as a pendant with a chain looped through the pin.b95muxVictorian 18ct pearl crescent brooch pendant....   moreHSP £550£250.00 ADD
Results:216 Items Page 1     1 2 3 4 5 6